one direction biggest fan trying to take a selfie with zayn

Anonymous: Why are you guys so obsessed with Larry shippers? I go through the Narry tag and see most posts are saying "OMF Harreh and Louis aren't dating Narry love eatch other11!!1! But never see "Narry" in the Larry tag. Is it because Your mad that our ship is true?:((( <3


first of all… why are you even going on the narry tag? STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!!! and second of all, you never see narry on the larry tag because we don’t need to tag other ships in our posts to prove something, we know how to enjoy our ship without annoying others. and third of all, your ship is so true it sank two years ago :)



sherlock’s is just overdose..


"You come near my girl ever again and you’re fucking dead!"




In Australia, “I’m up for that” and “I’m down for that” mean the same thing

Also “it’s just up the road” and “it’s just down the road”

It means the same everywhere else too; you ain’t special. Sit down.


Demi Lovato?


Niall can’t barely walk. *Now they saw one of the boys got hurt. Are they going to stop now? Are they satisfied? Are they contented? PLEASE just PLEASE stop throwing things. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to happen the same thing to you.*

San Siro, Milan. 29/06.